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Slots and video poker

Guns N'RosesAs much fun we think video poker is we also have to mention another great game that is similar to video poker, and that is slots. Like in video poker, slots consists of a machine on which you press a button to play. The good things about slots is that it is so easy to play and that you can receive very high winnings! The bad thing is, as we have mentioned before, that the payout isn’t as good as in video poker.

Slots from the famous Swedish game developer NetEnt, usually has a bit higher payout than games from some other developers although the competition is getting tighter. NetEnt slots usually have a payout for 96,7-98,0 percent, but nowadays there are other slots in the market with even higher payout produced by other developers.

Well, we talk a lot of payout percentage, but we are truly fascinated about this. If we just should compare the fun, we think video poker has another dimension to the game since you can effect some of the outcome yourself. But if you’re not really concentrated or focused, perhaps slots is a better option in those situations.

Game developers nowadays have to be very creative to capture the player’s interest since video slots could contain a lot of functions, features, extraordinary graphic and cool sound effects. Of course developers are aware of that they have to be the most appealing for players in order to draw customers and earn some money.

Personally, we play slots once in a while. Usually we bet quite a high amount when placing bets, since this is often more valuable. If you win, you win big! Sometimes we play slots that contains a progressive jackpot, but we are then aware that the jackpot contribute to the theoretical payout, which can make the winnings a bit smaller. If we aren’t lucky enough to hit the jackpot…. But so far, none of us has been that lucky. Sometimes it’s worth a chance though… 🙂 Also, some video poker games also contains a jackpot which you normally hit when getting a Royal Flush. Perhaps this can be an option when deciding which games to play.

By the way, the new game Guns N’Roses, check it out! We have actually made a lot of winnings on this slot machine and it was good fun playing. You’ll find it at most iGaming companies with a wide selection from NetEnt. If you’re interested in reading more about slots  you can find some information at the Swedish gambling site Casino Omega.

Have fun!

Vegas Baby!

Las VegasWell, as you might know by now we love playing online. But once in a while we miss the feeling of playing in a real life casino. And what better place to do it than in Las Vegas?

Flying to Las Vegas has become quite cheap with all the low price airlines. So we actually decided to go on a spontaneous trip Tuesday to Sunday to Las Vegas. Sure, Our girlfriends weren’t too happy about it, but after some bribes they gave up. So now we had to win some money to pay for the spa and gifts we had promised them…

We have all been in Vegas before, but wanted a good location anyway. So we chose Mirage to be close to all the best casinos. In Vegas, you don’t want to walk to far since the casinos themselves are huge. Otherwise taxi is a great and cheap option, which we used when we we’re heading down town.

Although we love video poker, being in Vegas we are not limited to just video poker. Of course it’s nice to sit down for a while in front of the machine while a waitress keeps serving you beer for $1 tip. But in Vegas we definitely recommend you the table games and perhaps a poker tournament. Well, at least when you’re not hanging out in the bars and crazy nightclubs. Vegas has it all!

This time we played all types of games, but we actually didn’t win so much… Perhaps that was because we didn’t play so much video poker or because we were just crap. Of course we didn’t tell our girlfriends about our not-winning-situation. We nicely obliged them and bought Michael Kors bags and souvenirs. Because who knows how much we are about to win next time 🙂

If you want to read more about Las Vegas, we recommend you to read about the gambling metropol here at The site is in Swedish, but I’ll guess you’ll be fine using google translate if you don’t understand Swedish.

Deuces Wild – our new favorite game

We have already implied that Deuces Wild is one of our favorite games. But we have discovered that we like it more than ever. In this game all twos are wild, which means they can be a substitute for any card. This also means there are some different combinations in Deuces Wild compared to Jacks or Better. These different combinations includes a wild card, like five of a kind is quite impossible to get with a regular deck without using wilds.

When betting 5 credits full-pay Deuces Wild slot gives you a payout of:

Natural Royal Flush – 4000
Four Deuces – 1000
Wild Royal Flush – 125
Five of a Kind – 75
Straight Flush – 45
Four of a Kind – 25
Full House – 15
Flush – 10
Straight – 10
Three of a Kind – 5

According to the Wizard of Odds you can get up to 100,76% return on Deuces Wild when using an optimal strategy. Even with a simple strategy you can get an expected return of 100,71%. And that’s why we love the game, because in theory – the player always win!

Here is the Wizards simple strategy:

4 deuces
4 deuces

3 deuces
Pat royal flush
3 deuces only

2 deuces
Any pat four of a kind or higher
4 to a royal flush
4 to a straight flush with 2 consecutive singletons, 6-7 or higher
2 deuces only

1 deuce
Any pat four of a kind or higher
4 to a royal flush
Full house
4 to a straight flush with 3 consecutive singletons, 5-7 or higher
3 of a kind, straight, or flush
All other 4 to a straight flush
3 to a royal flush
3 to a straight flush with 2 consecutive singletons, 6-7 or higher
deuce only

0 deuces
4,5 to a royal flush
Made three of a kind to straight flush
4 to a straight flush
3 to a royal flush
4 to a flush
4 to an outside straight
3 to a straight flush
4 to an inside straight, except missing deuce
2 to a royal flush, J,Q high

Why not try out these strategies for free? You can play free video poker at many casinos, like for example Unibet. We have been quite lucky when playing this game, so we can definitely recommend you to give it a go! The optimal strategy is even better, with a theoretical return of 100,76 as mentioned. But since this is more complex we usually stick to the simple strategy.

Bonuses – not for video poker?

Video poker bonusWe are quit annoyed that a casino bonus often doesn’t apply on video poker. Or at least that the wager requirements for video poker is so extremely high.

Erik signed up for a casino the other day that offered 100% bonus on his deposit. And you’ll think that’s great, the casino will double my deposit so instead of having €100 to gamble with, I get €200. And sure, that’s great in a way… BUT the casino has wagering requirements for the bonus. The casino Erik signed up for said that he has to wager the bonus x35. If we do our math properly, that means you have to play for €3500 before getting the bonus. Well, we say ”Bye, bye, bonus” playing on regular slots since the expected return in slots is around 96% to the player. We want to wager playing video poker instead, since the expected return is so much higher and there is a bigger chance you get to keep the bonus. The return could be over 100 percent in video poker.

But here the casinos are clever…. Because it’s just the stakes at slots and a few other games that contribute with 100% to the wager requirements, while video poker contribute with a far less percentage. Maximum 20% of the stakes contribute to the requirements and sometimes NOTHING! So make sure to look this up before being to happy about a bonus….

Erik thought it was easier to play slots to wager his bonus, so he started out with Blood Suckers. But apparently that slot didn’t fully contribute to the wager requirements either since the theoretical payout percentage is quite high, 98 percent. Next time we’ll look this up before starting playing…. Otherwise we’ll just end up annoyed again! So that’s a tip for you. Here are more tips on choosing the right online casino.


We just have to share – we made some great winnings today! All three of us! We sometimes have poker nights. Not regular poker nights playing Texas Hold’em at the poker table. No, we have video poker nights. That means we get together for a couple of beers, preferable Sierra Nevada, and some junk food and play video poker until the middle of the night using our computers, iPads or mobiles. Or until we loose our money. But as we said before, that’s a good thing about video poker since it takes a lot of time before you loose your budget unless you’re a really bad player or a very big gambler.

Anyway, after eating our burgers and having a couple of beers we started playing. We all started of playing Jacks or Better, and while Erik had a winning strike, Tobias started loosing. He was almost bound to give up when it happened – a Royal Flush! How big are the odds for that happening?? We read somewhere it’s over 40 000 to 1. Unfortunately it wasn’t a game that had a progressive jackpot, but he made a big win anyway. Tobias actually kept on wining more hands, before he called it a night. The rest of us switched to Deuces Wild and had some good fortune. Or perhaps we just played clever since we used basic strategy. We followed the example here. Unfortunately this is a Swedish site but perhaps you can translate it in Chrome, or google ”Basic Strategy Deuces Wild” to get an English version. The payout percentage using the strategy you’ll find here in Casinosnack is over 100 percent and we all made a profit this night. We won’t tell you how much thought, because unfortunately we spent most of it in the pub afterwards… 😉 Luckily for Tobias, he already had gone home and went to sleep, so the winnings from his Royal Flush still exists in his hands.

Strategies for Jacks or Better

Jacks  or BetterSo, now you have learned how to play video poker! Starting with the common game Jacks or Better we will share some of the strategies we have picked up.

For Jacks or better the full pay machine (9/6) is as follows:

Royal Flush
- 800
Straight Flush
- 50
Four of a kind – 25 

Full House – 9
Flush – 6

- 4
Three of a kind
- 3
Two pair
- 2
Jacks or Better – 1

There are two strategies for Jacks or Better. The following is a simple strategy and when using this on a full pay machine (standard is 9/6) the expected return is 99,46%.

At least according to Wizard of odds where we found the following simple strategy:

Four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush
4 to a royal flush
Three of a kind, straight, flush, full house
4 to a straight flush
Two pair
High pair
3 to a royal flush
4 to a flush
Low pair
4 to an outside straight
2 suited high cards
3 to a straight flush
2 unsuited high cards (if more than 2 then pick the lowest 2)
Suited 10/J, 10/Q, or 10/K
One high card
Discard everything

Misstakes cost 0,08% or one total bet every 1178 hands.

The Wizard of odds also gives an optimal strategy, but in our opinion it’s too long to learn. But using it on a full pay machine the expected return is 99,54%. When using this strategy you shall take a good look at your hand and find out every way to play it and then choose the play that’s highest on the list.

Dealt royal flush (800.0000)
Dealt straight flush (50.0000)
Dealt four of a kind (25.0000)
4 to a royal flush (18.3617)
Dealt full house (9.0000)
Dealt flush (6.0000)
3 of a kind (4.3025)
Dealt straight (4.0000)
4 to a straight flush (3.5319)
Two pair (2.59574)
High pair (1.5365)
3 to a royal flush (1.2868)
4 to a flush (1.2766)
Unsuited TJQK(0.8723)
Low pair (0.8237)
4 to an outside straight with 0-2 high cards(0.6809)
3 to a straight flush (type 1) (0.6207 to 0.6429)
Suited QJ (0.6004)
4 to an inside straight, 4 high cards (0.5957)
Suited KQ or KJ (0.5821)
Suited AK, AQ, or AJ (0.5678)
4 to an inside straight, 3 high cards (0.5319)
3 to a straight flush (type 2) (0.5227 to 0.5097)C
Unsuited JQK (0.5005)
Unsuited JQ (0.4980)
Suited TJ (0.4968)
2 unsuited high cards king highest (0.4862)
Suited TQ (0.4825)
2 unsuited high cards ace highest (0.4743)
J only (0.4713)
Suited TK (0.4682)
Q only (0.4681)
K only (0.4649)
A only (0.4640)
3 to a straight flush (type 3) (0.4431)
Garbage, discard everything (0.3597)

There are some are exceptions for specific hands, but you should really go to the Wizard to see them. We almost always use the simple strategy, because we want to enjoy ourselves while playing and that’s easier when the game is more simple. The Wizard also provides an Intermediate strategy, but the simple and optimal strategy are more common, so that’s why we just talk about them here.

At Casinosnack you can play Jacks or Better for free to try the strategies!

How to play video poker

Best handWe think it’s very easy to play video poker and we are sure you will too! Have you ever played poker before you’ll get the hang of it very quickly. There are some different type of video poker games, but they are all quite simple to learn.

Well, in our last post we talked about finding the right casino. Now you will learn how to play video poker! So, now imagine that you now have found the right casino and head of o the section video poker. Here you will find several games and we’ll take an example with Jacks or Better. If you haven’t played before start with fake money, so you’ll get a hang of it before betting real money.

Place your bet and make sure it’s the right amount of credits before you press the ”deal button”. You don’t want to exceed your budget too fast. Press the ”deal button” and then the machine deals you five cards. By tapping on the cards or press hold you decide which cards to keep. Then hit the ”Draw button” again to get new cards in replacement of the ones you didn’t keep. In the payable you can see you potential winnings. The paytable is visible in the video poker game, often above your cards. You can see that the amount of your winnings is related to the amount of credits you have played. That’s why you should always play the maximum amount of coins since the winnings then are higher.

In some video poker games you are allowed to double your winnings. Let’s say if you have Jacks or Better (see the hand ranking here), you can double your winning by choosing a card. If you beat the dealers card, you double up but if you don’t beat the dealers card you loose your winnings from that hand.

Choose the right casino


online video pokerWe’ll start this blog with what to do before you can start playing video poker online. And that is finding a good casino and then register.

To get access to the games you have to register at an online casino. Nowadays there are a good variety to chose from, so you’ll have to look around a little to see which ones you like. If you prefer another game, instead of just video poker take a look at the selection of games at the casino you are about to chose. And also make sure that it’s a safe casino. Read on forums and take a look at independent reviews to get an idea about the casino. Also make sure it has the latest version of SSL and have a proper license. We also think it’s important you can that you can make an easy and quick withdrawal from the casino. You don’t want the casino to hang on to your winnings if you don’t intend ta play more.

We have tried quite a lot of online casinos, but were not here to recommend you on one. We want you ta make your own opinion. But some of the things we look for when choosing an online casino are basically:

– Game variety: Both video poker and other games
– Bonuses and promotions; do they apply on video poker
– Security
– What experience the casino has; is it old or brand new? Will it close again in a month?
– Licenses
– Fast withdrawals
– The gaming experience; is the casino modern and puts the player in focus?

These are some of the criterias we think is important when choosing where to play. We can also give you a tip to search for bonus codes before register. Sometimes the casino makes deals with online gaming sites to give their visitors special treatment by providing them a bonus code. That means extra bonus for you!

Once you have found a casino, register by filling out you personal information like name and address. To play with real money you have to make a deposit, otherwise you can start with fake money. In fact, that’s a good idea to do before spending real money.

Online Video Poker – We love it!

Welcome to this blog about online video poker! This is an independent guide about video poker and our wish is to show you where to play, how to play and which games to play.

Video poker is a really fun game. You play it on video poker machines which you’ll find in real casinos, pubs and online casinos. It’s not poker in the strictest sense but the game is very similar to real poker. There are a lot of variations of video poker, but the hand ranking system is in most cases the same as regular poker.

The team behind this blog consists of a bunch of Swedish game enthusiasts that really loves video poker. Why we like video poker so much is because of the payout percentage is quite high, which means that the casinos advantage is pretty low compared to other games. If you play with the right strategies you can actually beat the casino!

Video poker is also very easy to play. Since you don’t play against other opponents you don’t have to think about their moves or your possible tells, you just press the button ”deal” on the machine to get your cards.

Video poker is quite an old game, you can trace the history back to the first slot machines in the 1890s. But the first real video poker machines were introduced 1976. Nowadays you can play video poker online in most casinos and we will guide you to some good ones. We will also blog about some of the games we like and their rules. Perhaps we will show you some games with a jackpot connected to them. For earning the big money 🙂

Anyway, we hope you will enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy writing it!