New goal - try out poker

Hello again! It’s been almost six months since we wrote here last and we have almost forgotten the blog ourselves! But now we are back and ready to give you some tips and news about the gaming industry. Hopefully some of you readers are still here and wants to here from us! Let us tell you what we have been up to lately and what we are looking forward to this fall.

Well, we like video poker, so why not regular poker? We have been eager to try out this sort of poker game for a while now but we thought that we would try it out together the first time. Since we don’t live so close to each other anymore we really needed to plan this if we wanted it to happen. So the planning began for real and hopefully we will be able to make it before the year ends.

Last time we wrote here we talked about slot machines, and since we tried it the first time we have only grown a bigger crush for slots. The best thing about the game developer we wrote about last time is that they often give players free spins when they release a new slot machine! We are so looking forward to the next one in NetEntertainments rock series. It is released later in this week and we are also looming forward to get some free spins on the slot machine so that we can try it out. Since we last posted something here we have found a whole new site that is all about free spins! Of course we want you to start using this site also since it is so great. It is called and is mostly for people in the UK but the offers usually works for players all around the world so its great!

On the site we have gotten some sweet deals since they every week has news about where there are free spins to get and other competitions on different casinos. So that is one of our new hangouts. We are now just waiting for them to let us now where we will get the free spins on the slot. The slot is for the band Motörhead and we are hoping that it will be like the both other rock slots. With music, bonus rounds and easy money to win!

Poker RegularOtherwise we haven’t been up to much actually. We had one poker night and now we are planning our regular poker night. We have been giving you some tips on casino guides online and the best thing about the guides is that they almost every time offers tips on how to play the different games. So since we decided to start playing regular poker we have been reading the rules and stuff so we will be at our best once we can get together and play. That is about the only thing we don’t really like about this new site. It doesn’t offer any tips on how to play the games, but since it is mostly about free spins I guess you don’t need any tips since you only have to press a button. Well that was all from us this time! Goodnight