It was time, our poker night was about to happen! And it was truly a great day for us. Since we haven’t seen each other for a while we were really looking forward to this get together. I myself had saved some extra money so that I could play without the feeling of spending money i must have for other things like rent or food. No it was only money to spend on fun!

We just have to share – we made some great winnings today! All three of us! We sometimes have poker nights. Not regular poker nights playing Texas Hold’em at the poker table. No, we have video poker nights. That means we get together for a couple of beers, preferable Sierra Nevada, and some junk food and play video poker until the middle of the night using our computers, iPads or mobiles. Or until we loose our money. But as we said before, that’s a good thing about video poker since it takes a lot of time before you loose your budget unless you’re a really bad player or a very big gambler. So the nights are often at our advantage since we usually have saved up some money for these nights. You don’t want to feel like your are spending your or your familys money if you loose. You want to be able to enjoy the money so please try to keep that in mind! We always set at limit before we start playing. So if someone has lost there money we don’t lend to each other. Instead we usually stop playing before someone loses all money. Just because we want to end the night with some beer at a local pub and it’s not that fun for the person who has got no money left.

Anyway, after eating our burgers and having a couple of beers we started playing. We all started of playing Jacks or Better, and while Erik had a winning strike, Tobias started loosing. He was almost bound to give up when it happened – a Royal Flush! How big are the odds for that happening?? We read somewhere it’s over 40 000 to 1. Unfortunately it wasn’t a game that had a progressive jackpot, but he made a big win anyway. Tobias actually kept on wining more hands, before he called it a night. The rest of us switched to Deuces Wild and had some good fortune. Or perhaps we just played clever since we used basic strategy. We followed the example here. Unfortunately this is a Swedish site but perhaps you can translate it in Chrome, or google ”Basic Strategy Deuces Wild” to get an English version. The payout percentage using the strategy you’ll find here in Casinosnack is over 100 percent and we all made a profit this night. We won’t tell you how much thought, because unfortunately we spent most of it in the pub afterwards… 😉 Luckily for Tobias, he already had gone home and went to sleep, so the winnings from his Royal Flush still exists in his hands.