Choose the right casino

online video pokerWe’ll start this blog with what to do before you can start playing video poker online. And that is finding a good casino and then register.

To get access to the games you have to register at an online casino. Nowadays there are a good variety to chose from, so you’ll have to look around a little to see which ones you like. If you prefer another game, instead of just video poker take a look at the selection of games at the casino you are about to chose. And also make sure that it’s a safe casino. Read on forums and take a look at independent reviews to get an idea about the casino. Also make sure it has the latest version of SSL and have a proper license. We also think it’s important you can that you can make an easy and quick withdrawal from the casino. You don’t want the casino to hang on to your winnings if you don’t intend ta play more.

We have tried quite a lot of online casinos, but were not here to recommend you on one. We want you ta make your own opinion about what you are looking for. But some of the things we look for when choosing an online casino are basically:

- Game variety: Both video poker and other games
- Bonuses and promotions; do they apply on video poker
- Security
- What experience the casino has; is it old or brand new? Will it close again in a month?
- Licenses
- Fast withdrawals
- The gaming experience; is the casino modern and puts the player in focus?

These are some of the criterias we think is important when choosing where to play. We can also give you a tip to search for bonus codes before register. Sometimes the casino makes deals with online gaming sites to give their visitors special treatment by providing them a bonus code. That means extra bonus for you!

Once you have found a casino, register by filling out you personal information like name and address. To play with real money you have to make a deposit, otherwise you can start with fake money. In fact, that’s a good idea to do before spending real money. In that way you can try out the game and see how you are doing, are you good or not. And if you have a bit hard time to learn, you won’t have to spend money on bad gambling. You can simply use real money when you feel ready to.

Always remember to play responsible though. And if you feel like you are having a gambling addiction you should ask for help. Nobody feels good with an addiction and believe us, there are help out there for you. Otherwise if you don’t see any problem with it you can easily have a great time with poker, and we really hope that you get a great experience.