Online Video Poker – We love it!

Welcome to this blog about online video poker! This is an independent guide about video poker and our wish is to show you where to play, how to play and which games to play.

Video poker is a really fun game. You play it on video poker machines which you’ll find in real casinos, pubs and online casinos. It’s not poker in the strictest sense but the game is very similar to real poker. There are a lot of variations of video poker, but the hand ranking system is in most cases the same as regular poker.

The team behind this blog consists of a bunch of Swedish game enthusiasts that really loves video poker. Why we like video poker so much is because of the payout percentage is quite high, which means that the casinos advantage is pretty low compared to other games. If you play with the right strategies you can actually beat the casino!

Video poker is also very easy to play. Since you don’t play against other opponents you don’t have to think about their moves or your possible tells, you just press the button ”deal” on the machine to get your cards.

Video poker is quite an old game, you can trace the history back to the first slot machines in the 1890s. But the first real video poker machines were introduced 1976. Nowadays you can play video poker online in most casinos and we will guide you to some good ones. We will also blog about some of the games we like and their rules. Perhaps we will show you some games with a jackpot connected to them. For earning the big money 🙂

Anyway, we hope you will enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy writing it!